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Rhonda Mclaren

Director & Founder

The Proof Research Difference

The opportunity to undertake research is an exciting time for many organisations where the findings can inform key decisions in the delivery of support and services, policy development, or the design of the customer experience. Choosing the right agency for the job is important.

At Proof Research, we pride ourselves on delivering quality research solutions with exceptional levels of client service delivered by a talented research team who are as practical, genuine and client-focused as they are experienced.

Our customers tell us we understand their organisation and its goals remarkably quickly, we deliver well designed studies that reveal insight and guide their work. Most importantly, we keep our customers informed, supporting them to achieve their aims and manage their stakeholders.

Exploring the Facts

Uncovering the Truth

Know How, Know More

Insights in Sight

A Little Magic in the Research Design

Proof Research works across all of the popular tools for quantitative and qualitative research and we have been known to employ a few creative approaches to uncover insights as well (statistically and ethically valid of course!).

The magic of any research project is always in the design and we love to really get inside your challenge to design a study that is truly unique for your purpose and budget.

Effect Social Change

Design Customer Experience

Inform and Evaluate your Communications

Build your brand

Build Satisfaction and Loyalty

Guide policy development

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With hundreds of research projects under our belts, the team at Proof has a wealth of experience to share with you for your next project.

With hundreds of research projects under our belts, the team at Proof has a wealth of experience waiting to share on your next project.

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