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A Little Magic in the Research Design

Proof Research works across all of the popular research tools for quantitative and qualitative and we’ve been known to employ a few creative approaches to uncover insight as well (statistically and ethically valid of course!).

The magic of any research project is always in the design and we love to really get inside your challenge to design a study that is truly unique for your purpose and budget.

Whether you’re commercial, government or not-for-profit, we’re well known for providing high quality, impartial, market and social research and analysis to meet your goals. We like to think of it as answering the questions you need answered whilst adding value to your organisation.

No matter what the initiative, project or goal, we’d like to think we can design a study that can assist.

Effect Social Change

Proof Research has extensive experience conducting social research to support attitudinal and behavioural change programs. We specialise in conducting research with vulnerable and hard to reach audiences, and social research designed to improve, support or inform campaign development.

Inform and Evaluate your Communications

Insight into the target audience can be powerful when crafting marketing and communications campaigns designed to educate, stimulate action or effect change. Designed well, research can assist to better segment, target and position the right messages at the right time, ensuring your communications are highly effective in achieving their objectives.

Build Satisfaction and Loyalty

The bread and butter of research agencies, we love the good old fashion customer satisfaction study that seeks to uncover not just how you’re tracking in the customer’s mind but where you could be doing better.

Design Customer Experience

Research studies can be designed to help understand the ideal customer experience, measure the worth of the customer experience, or highlight gaps.

Build your brand

Building a brand that resonates with your customers requires an intimate understanding of their needs and wants, and their connection to your brand. Proof has extensive research experience in studies designed to reveal customer sentiment towards brands and assist you to craft a brand and its experience that is optimal for the customer.

Guide policy development

Increasingly we see our public sector clients seek to understand the attitudes, perceptions, sentiments and behaviours of their target markets to craft better public policy. Proof has designed research to inform policy makers in health, education, social and public housing. Research insights allow you to build policy with confidence that it can meet the intended aims.

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