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Proof Research was established in 2012 by Rhonda McLaren with a vision to deliver quality market research supported by exceptional levels of customer service.

Proof Research offers a full range of market research services to a wide array of organisations. When you engage with Proof Research you will always have a senior researcher working on your project. This brings experience and expertise to your project. Head on over to our Clients and Case Studies section to see the range of studies we have conducted.

We particularly love working with organisations and agencies that require social research, and have had the pleasure of conducting research studies that have helped shape better social policy, support and change. We are extensively skilled in reaching highly vulnerable and hard to reach social groups, and compassionately connecting with them to uncover insights for our clients.

Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

Rhonda MClaren

Director and Founder

Ask Rhonda why she loves her work and she’ll tell you every time, “it’s solving problems and helping my clients”. Ask her why she established Proof Research and she’d equally tell you she wanted to create a market research company that not only delivered high quality research but where the professionals you work with are highly experienced, genuine, practical and passionate about what they do.

With over 25 years’ experience in the market research industry and as a Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR), Rhonda has worked across almost all industries and completed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies. Rhonda focuses her energy on designing research programs that specifically support you to make informed strategic decisions, measure performance or understand your stakeholders better – friend or foe.

Rhonda has a meticulous eye for detail (otherwise known as a perfectionist) and a reputation for delivering findings that are as valuable to an organisation as they are insightful. She has a flair for business-to-business research and is incredibly passionate about the work she does in the social research arena where she has conducted many studies on sensitive issues with hard-to-reach audiences.

Rhonda is a skilled moderator who has conducted over 500 focus groups and in-depth interviews with community members and businesses alike. Rhonda is also a full member of The Research Society and the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association).

Rhonda’s areas of expertise include:

Brand health
Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Community engagement
Social research into culturally sensitive issues
Campaign evaluations
Testing advertising and branding strategies
Consumer profiling
Demand modelling
Target market identification and segmentation
When not immersed in data and transcripts or meeting with clients, you’ll find Rhonda running around with her four gorgeous daughters, each with different personalities, activities and schedules. No wonder she’s so good at juggling projects and deadlines!

Debra Haszard

Research Manager
Debra has been involved in the market and social research industry for over 20 years across three different countries – Australia, UK and New Zealand. This has provided her with many opportunities to work with clients across a variety of industries and to experience a range of different types of research. It is this kind of variety which makes her job so interesting.

Debra is adept at managing research programs, be they small and straight forward or large and complex in nature. Being able to help her clients in their quest to better understand their customers’ or communities’ needs, drive behaviour change, evaluate business performance or deliver business improvement/growth is what makes her job rewarding.

Debra’s areas of expertise cover both quantitative and qualitative research across the following areas:

Stakeholder management (customer, employee, community and supplier) and consultation
Communication development and evaluation
Community attitudes
Social marketing and behaviour change
Corporate/ community image/ reputation
Brand health and advertising tracking
Motivational research

Debra is a stickler for quality and getting things right. She is a full member of the The Research Society and has previously held quality assurance and privacy officer roles.

Outside of working hours you’re likely to find Debra in the great outdoors, usually with her two dogs alongside, or following one of her many sporting interests.

Tracey Pekkanen

Research Assistant
Tracey has been an integral part of Proof Research’s team since 2013. She came to Proof after 20 years’ in the legal sector, having spent 13 years with Deacons and 7 years with McCullough Robertson as their Precedents Manager.

Tracey has excellent administrative, document management and project management skills, working with Proof’s senior researchers across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative projects. It is because of her extensive experience in the legal sector that Tracey brings an unwavering attention to detail to the research studies she works on. We notice this especially in her recruitment, coding, data entry and scripting work.

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