As a small NGO we don’t have the internal capacity to conduct our own research, but need to be aware of the needs of our consumers and other stakeholders. We also have to be quite cautious about how we spend our money. I was somewhat apprehensive about outsourcing our data collection but was fortunate to find Rhonda McLaren who conducted a series of focus groups and interviews to understand consumer needs and how they should best be supported.

Rhonda was very approachable and understanding of our requirements. She took the time to clarify the objectives of the work to ensure that the desired outcomes were achieved. In the end we were very happy – the work was high quality, and the final report, which was delivered on time and within a reasonable budget, has provided both short and long term outcomes for the organisation.

On the back of that earlier work I was recently very happy to go to Rhonda at Proof Research for more consumer research work.